This is a blog dedicated to the animal I absolutely love!
Sloths are seriously the cutest animals on Earth and I hope you guys agree with me!
please don't hesitate to ask questions or submit your favorite picture of sloths! Thanks for following :D


They sleep, they swim, they warm our hearts…check out this video highlighting our favorite little-known facts about the world’s slowest (and arguably, most adorable) mammal! 

11 Things A Sloth Would Say If He Was Your Life Coach


1. “There’s no shame in snuggling.” 

2. “Life’s too short to do things that bore you.” 

3. “Eating is pretty much the best.”

4. “… Buuut sleeping is also the best.”

5. “It’s important to stay active!”

6. “… Or not.”

7. “Sometimes you just have to treat yourself.”

8. “Friends make everything better!”

9. “It’s important to think critically…”

10. “Sometimes it helps to look at things from a new perspective!”

11. “Sharing is caring!”



Sloths respond to mean tweets about them.

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